02 November 2013


Every New Zealander 50 and over is in grave danger of being placed on their doctor's slaughter board in a real effort to 'roll back' the Government's estimated age of their death.

If, after giving serious thought to the things on this Website, you think you have been sucked into the scam of Type 2 Diabetes, and believe you are on your Government's approved 'selected for slaughter list', act now and jump off the slaughter board by stopping diabetes medication.

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Slaughter board

Just as a religious zealot will promote his doctrine; so do medical professionals push the newly 'discovered' insulin resistance theory which basically says that your bodies insulin is not able to do its job properly and in a few months or a year or two you could go blind, have a leg chopped off, contract liver and kidney disease and die before your time.

In fact, the opposite is true. If you are over 60 and take his toxic dope you will almost certainly develop some of these.

Your G.P will tell you that he has the solution. It is a sugar lowering pill which Pharmaceutical companies have spent years developing. He will also tell you that your cholesterol of say, 7 or 8 is 'too high' and provide you with a drug to bring it down to 4.4. These drugs are called statins.

The evidence is that statins are responsible for many deaths. Don't touch them unless you have a family history of heart disease and very high cholesterol – around 11. Lifestyle change is what you really require, including less food.

Do not try to get your cholesterol down to the level your doctor may recommend. It is far more important to reduce your food consumption, and stay off his dope.


He will also likely prescribe Metformin. They are necessary, he will say, because you are in danger of having a heart attack or stroke because of your high sugar and high cholesterol. This is nonsense.

In fact, the opposite is true. If you take his drugs you are likely to get some symptoms of diabetes where you had none before, as happened to me. His words about 'having a stroke or heart attack', could very well come true.

If you start on his medication

The time frame for you to get one adverse effect after another will depend on your age and your particular physical state. Between 3 months and 5-7 years.

When the CV drug (and maybe others) have pushed your sugar level up, he may suggest you take insulin, as mine did. I would strongly suggest you don't touch it.


If you are taking only metformin and you acquire an adverse effect, it is easy to identify the drug causing the problem. But if you are taking two or more it is impossible to determine which pill is causing which side effect. For this reason a Statin such as Lipex is often prescribed on the pretext that your cholesterol is high, and must be lowered. (despite what the doctor says, a Cholesterol drug should not be swallowed unless you have a genetic problem or your cholesterol is abnormally high, such as over 12 and over).

Confusion and loss of concentration

is a well proven adverse effect from both Metformin and Statin drugs. Your doctor is aware of this but will never inform you. Both drugs are known to elevate glucose readings, confirming 'insulin resistance'. (diabetes out of control) your diabetes is getting worse!! or so he would have you believe.

Blood pressure

He will most likely prescribe blood pressure lowering drug. This creates more confusion as to understanding what pill is causing the gradually worsening adverse effects. Only your doctor will know but will keep silent. Allowing you to believe the symptoms are those due to age and/or to the progression of diabetes.

'Do not stop taking this medicine without consulting your doctor'

I thought of these words before I stopped taking Metformin, Glibenclamide, Nicotinic acid and lipex 23 months earlier. I had already come to the conclusion that death was imminent if I continued taking the drugs. I had nothing to lose by stopping. I did not consult my doctor.

Low and behold, I was still alive after 2 months and had begun to feel a little better. As the weeks and months went past and up to the present, almost all the symptoms of diabetes (side effects, adverse effects and interactions) have disappeared.

On rare occasions I feel “unusually cold”. My brain is still recovering from “loss of concentration” and “confusion”, but I feel there is a little improvement by the day. It will take at least 6-7 years for the toxins to completely leave my body but probably longer from my brain.

Fasting HbA1c glucose test

A 10-12 hour fast is usually required (Nothing to drink except water). This test (Hba1c) “reads your average glucose level back to about 90 days, so I was informed. However, what they don't tell you is that abstaining from food and sugar over 12 hours will cause an insignificant reduction in your Hbalc. This is because you only fasted for one day out of ninety days!! For the Hba1c to be credible you would need to fast for all 90 days!

Random glucose test

14mmols/L is perfectly normal according to Roche drug manufacturers. In fact the Roche drug company states that 14mmol/L is normal whether in urine or blood. Your doctor will never mention this to you to further ensure you do not discover the fallacy of type 2 diabetes.

"A word to you who have great possessions. Weep and wail over the miserable fate descending on you.

Your riches have rotted; your fine clothes are moth-eaten, your silver and gold have rusted away, and their very rust will be evidence against you and consume your flesh like fire.

You have piled up wealth in an age that is near its close. The wages you never paid to the men who mowed your fields are loud against you, and the outcry of the reapers have reached the ears of the Lord of Hosts.

You have lived on earth in wanton luxury, fattening yourselves like cattle - the day for slaughter has come. You have condemned the innocent and murdered him; he offers no resistance." James 5:1-6 New English Bible.

Everything hereto are my opinions, views, and experiences over 12 years and 60 consultations with one G.P. These views and opinions are expressed pursuant to and under the protection of the NZ Bill of Rights Act.

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