27 October 2013

The invention of 'Border line' diabetes is just another Octopus like arm of the type 2 diabetes scam to further enrich drug companies by billions of dollars.

A few months ago it was reported by a senior Cabinet Minister that there were 500,000 diabetics in New Zealand. This equates to around 1 in 8 persons.

Years ago a New Zealand Government gave the green light for the NZ Medical Profession to cripple and kill off its ageing citizens through medications.

12 years ago, just after 9/11, the green light began to get much brighter, to the delight of drug companies and medical services.

As more elderly become ill through medication, more hospital beds are required. Not to mention an increase of staff and related hospital services. With costs sky rocketing 'out of control' the Government will sell off the NZ health Boards lock stock and barrel.

Dr Mercola's feet are firmly in both camps.

On the one hand, he slams drug companies for manufacturing toxic medications which have crippled and killed millions, On the other hand he clings to the dogmas of the biggest scam artists in world history-Pharmaceutical Drug Manufactures.

His experience with victims and his medical knowledge is vast. I believe he has an understanding of the scam far greater than almost anyone else. Why then, does he not cry aloud and disclose the full truth about the deception of type 2 diabetes?

The answer could be that Dr Mercola is a player in the game. He, like Big Pharma, is making millions from type 2 diabetes victims.