27 October 2013

Minister of Social development

There's always another rabbit”

WINZ staff celebrating the cancellation of another disabled persons much needed assistance without there being a change of circumstances.

Angry client just been denied assistance to feed

his own little monkeys

The word 'deception' is defined in the dictionary to mean to "hoodwink" or "mislead". There would be no government agency more adept at employing deception than Work and Income NZ.

The successful employment of deception is almost impossible to detect - to actually pin point. Work and Income NZ use deception all the time. Experienced staff will make misleading statements to delude a person into believing that he or she is receiving all the assistance to which they are entitled. More often than not the one making an application for assistance is entitled to that assistance. But by the time he leaves the office the case manager knows that the application will be declined. And the destitute, disabled, or unemployed person will go quietly home to wait expectantly for a letter from his ever so helpful case manager saying that his application has been accepted. In fact there is only about a 7% chance of his application being accepted.

Sadly, most beneficiary's upon receiving notification declining their request for help are so disillusioned, so depressed and unhappy in their poverty that they are unable to question Work and Income's decision. They are too weak spiritually to apply for a review. And those that do will more than likely be declined again.

After all the hassle, that is, after being mentally and emotionally beaten by this government organisation into submission, they will sometimes sink into a deeper depression. Many will drink or gamble to relieve that depression. Many couples whose relationship was held together by love and respect is eroded. He will feel that he has failed to support his family. Yet in his heart he knows that Work and Income NZ could have, and should have assisted his wife and family. He will be forever resentful toward the government because he cannot, or does not know how to fight against this type of spiritual wickedness.

In fact there is really no way to fight and win against the present evil determination of those in power to deny the majority of New Zealanders a good, healthy and comfortable lifestyle. He does not understand that he is up against a worldly system which is designed to keep the ordinary bloke and his family in a perpetual state of need.

Our jails are filled to overflowing. Many of these men and women took on Work and Income NZ and lost the battle to obtain a fair deal. To say that there is no money is a fallacy. New Zealand is awash with money. All one has to do is look around and believe what the eye sees and not what someone on a $200,000 a year plus salary wants you to believe.

Besides, this government was put into power by the majority expecting that all New Zealand citizens would be treated fairly and honestly in regard to benefits. Sheryl's story is only one of thousands.

I have spoken to many people from all walks of life in respect of Work and Income NZ's tactics. All, without exception, have 'thrown up their hands in horror' at the blatant disregard these people have for the health and well-being of New Zealanders.

If the Service Centre Manager responsible for cancelling Sheryl's medically approved disability transport allowances had been working for a private firm and applied similar deception, she would have been sacked. Not so with a Work and Income employee.

Clearly accountability has no place in Work and Income NZ's policies. And, as my interview with Darren Hughes MP disclosed, the Labour Government is content to turn a blind eye at WINZ endeavours to deny sick and disabled people their entitlement's. Sheryl's allowances should have been reinstated the day I approached Darren Hughes, the Labour Member of Parliament for assistance, not three months later. Mr Hughes played no part in reinstating Sheryl's transport disability allowances.