03 November 2013

Every New Zealander 50 and over is in grave danger of being placed on their doctor's slaughter board in a real effort to 'roll back' their estimated age of death. If you have been sucked into the scam of type 2 diabetes and believe you are on the Government approved 'selected for slaughter list', act now and jump off!

Ten thousand years ago, man formed tribes. Our ancestors had faith in the 'medicine man'. This trust has been passed down through the centuries to peoples of all races, creeds, and religions.

Today, each and every person now living has inherited this same faith and confidence. Hundreds of thousands are dead because they trusted their doctor. They were confident that he would prescribe medicine to help them get well but the opposite happened!

Inherited faith is so strong within all of us that we easily became like putty in the hands of those working in the field of medicine.

I was one of the them

I became a patient of a doctor in Foxton, New Zealand, 13 years ago. Now, I consider that meeting the most unfortunate day of my life.

Slowly and gradually I became sicker, plagued with all sorts of health problems and believing it was my age; I am convinced this was what my doctor wanted me to believe.

Indifference s a problem facing elderly people

Many show indifference when confronted with the truth about dangerous drugs. They will not, or cannot 'see' that truth even though they may be taking those drugs.

The saying "the blind leading the blind' is true in probably upward of 90% of people.

Hereditary faith in a doctor is so strong that it is almost impossible to overcome. Consequently, most have an attitude of "I will trust my doctor no matter what", despite their bad experiences and the knowledge they have about the drugs.

We must get a true understanding of the knowledge we have to gain any real benefit and be free of the evil which may be causing us great distress. Learn, read, talk to others, teach yourself, be your own doctor.

Struggling to understand

I remember struggling with trying to figure out which drug was causing me so much distress. At one point I suspected it could be metformin and stopped taking it for three or four weeks. The problems remained so I started metformin again.

No Knowledge nor understanding of drugs

I did not have the knowledge nor understand what was really happening. I began to gain knowledge about Pharmaceutical medication in 2011, I also began to gain an understanding of what had been really going on, and stopped all drugs and multivite 6 supplements on 02 March 2011.

Interaction of drugs

Unfortunately with most drugs, it is a combination of drugs that are usually responsible for the crippling and deaths of millions worldwide. If only one drug is taken there is no difficulty in identifying the problem. However, if more than one is taken it is impossible to identify which drug is causing which side effect.

Government agenda

There is little chance of governments banning pharmaceutical drugs which cause dangerous reactions.

We are involved with political systems

A political system which turns its back on overwhelming evidence against using diabetes pharmaceutical drugs, is evidence of depraved indifference by the NZ Government toward the health of their citizens.

There is

Too many secret agreements between those running the show.

Too much money involved.

Too many wealthy and powerful in charge.