27 October 2013

Your doctor will not tell you that a glucose reading up to 14mmols/L is normal.

The newly 'discovered' insulin resistance theory which basically says that your body's insulin is not able to do its job properly because of “poor blood sugar control”, and in a few months or a year or two you could go blind, have a leg chopped off, contract liver and kidney disease and die before your time, all because you failed to bring your blood sugar 'under control'.

However, evidence is mounting to reveal that drugs are the underlying cause of thousands of aged NZ's deaths. And that blood sugar levels well over 6mmols/L had nothing to do with their demise.

Religious zealots

He will push this doctrine as a religious fanatic will push his favourite doctrine, as do nearly all medical professionals around the Globe.

If you are over 60...

and take his toxic dope you will almost certainly contract some of nasty illnesses and will die much sooner than you think.

Your G.P will tell you that he has the solution to Insulin Resistance. It is a sugar lowering pill which Pharmaceutical companies have spent years developing.

He will also tell you that your cholesterol of say, 7 or 8 is 'too high' and provide you with a drug to bring it down to 4.4. These drugs are called statins. He will also likely prescribe Metformin and a blood pressure lowering pill for good measure.

These drugs are accepted as the solution to Type two Diabetes, or 'Insulin Resistance'.

These are necessary he will say because you are in danger of having a heart attack or stroke, because your high sugar and high cholesterol will almost certainly bring this about unless you take his drugs.

Again, the opposite is true and if you take these drugs you are likely to develop symptoms of diabetes where you had none before as happened to me. His words about 'having a stroke or heart attack', could well come true.

After taking diabetes medication

If you start on his medication. the time frame for you to get one adverse effect after another will depend on your age and your particular physical state. Between 3 months and 5-7 years.

'Kidney damage – diabetes'

In 2007, three years after taking 1000mgs of Metformin daily, Dr David John Geard secretly diagnosed kidney damage. Today, 26 October 2013, and not having taken any of the toxic dope for 31 months, I recovered and have no kidney damage according to the latest blood and urine tests.

Eye damage (Retinal Retinopathy)

My eyesight was 20/20 in 1999. In 2004, Metformin was prescribed. 12 months later my eyes had deteriorated.

I began laser treatment in 2005. However I can 'see' now that the Laser treatment was doing little good because my eyes were battling against the toxic drugs. The eye specialist would make comments that I should try and reduce my blood sugar levels. I realise now that trying to lower my blood sugar, along with the Lazar treatment was damaging my eyes further. I had followed bad advice. My eyes had made little, or no improvement.

I declined any further laser treatment in 2011 and increased my sugar intake. My eyes have responded positively, and I'm confident they will continue to improve.

Dr David John Geard is sick. In my view he suffers from some form of Psychopathy and ought to be locked up where he cannot harm any more of his patients.


When the CV drug (and maybe others) have pushed your sugar level up, your G.P. may suggest you take insulin, as mine did. I would strongly suggest you don't touch it.


If you are taking only metformin and you acquire an adverse effect, it is easy to identify the drug causing the problem. But if you are taking two or more it is impossible to determine which pill is causing which side effect. For this reason a Statin such as Lipex is often prescribed on the pretext that your cholesterol is high, and must be lowered. (despite what the doctor says, a Cholesterol drug should not be swallowed unless you have a genetic problem).

However, confusion and loss of concentration is a well proven adverse effect from both Metformin and Statin drugs. Your doctor is aware of this but will never inform you. Both drugs are known to elevate glucose readings, confirming 'insulin resistance'. (diabetes out of control) your diabetes is getting worse!! or so he would have you believe.

He will most likely prescribe blood pressure lowering drug. This creates more confusion as to understanding what pill is causing the gradually worsening adverse effects. Only your doctor will know but will keep silent. Allowing you to believe the symptoms are those due to age and/or to the progression of diabetes.

'Do not stop taking this medicine without consulting your doctor'

I thought of these words before I stopped taking Metformin, Glibenclamide, Nicotinic acid and lipex 23 months earlier. I had already come to the conclusion that death was imminent if I continued taking the drugs. I had nothing to lose by stopping. I did not consult my doctor.

Low and behold, I was still alive after 2 months and had been begun to feel a little better. As the weeks and months went past and up to the present, almost all the symptoms of diabetes (side effects, adverse effects and interactions) have disappeared.

Slow recovery

On rare occasions I feel “unusually cold”. My brain is still recovering from “loss of concentration” and “confusion”, but I feel there is a little more improvement by the day. It will take at least 2 years for the toxins to completely leave my body but probably longer from my brain.

Fasting HbA1c glucose test

A 10-12 hour fast is usually required (Nothing to drink except water). This test (Hba1c) “reads your average glucose level back to about 90 days, so I was informed. However, what they don't tell you is that abstaining from food and sugar over 12 hours will cause an insignificant reduction in your Hbalc. This is because you only fasted for one day out of ninety days!! For the Hba1c to be credible you would need to fast for all 90 days!

Random blood glucose test (non fasting)

A random test of 14mmols/L is perfectly normal according to Roche drug manufacturers. In fact the Roche drug company states that 14mmol/L is normal whether in urine or blood. Your doctor will never mention this to you to further ensure you do not discover the fallacy of type 2 diabetes.

Doctors sicker than their patients

The implication is that the fast should have brought your glucose down to 4-6mmols/L for you not to have insulin resistance. But because the Hbalc was 10mm or more, he will say you have insulin resistance and 'poor glucose control'. Convinced your doctor must be right you will probably accept his medication for a condition you do not have - Diabetes. It's called 'Preventative Medication'. Other applicable names are-

A 12 hour fast requirement is a part of the great 21st Century scam. It is promoted by the medical profession to deceive you into believing that your the fasting test result should read between 4-6mmols/L for you not to have diabetes or you have “good glycaemic control”. And anything over confirms diabetes. This is just another inconsistency in his diagnoses of diabetes. It is also more evidence that type 2 diabetes is a scam. If you do not have the symptoms of diabetes, you do not have it, no matter what bull he tells you.

Life style

It is exercise and diet which lowers blood glucose - NOT insulin.

It is for this reason that he will tell a retired person to exercise. “Go for walks” he will encourage. “It will help to lower your sugar”.

The phrase 'don't fix it unless its broke' has no meaning for a greedy G.P. He has diagnosed you with type 2 diabetes on the basis of your sugar level and not on evidence, and that is the end of the matter as far as he, and most other medical professionals are concerned. That is, he has written this diagnoses in your medical files. It is there forever.

We are told that there does not have to be symptoms of diabetes to have diabetes. This is another lie, a ploy to fool you into believing that you have the dreaded curse.

The symptoms may develop as you get older” your doctor may say. But not inform you what those symptoms are. You will believe him because you have faith in his professionalism. This because of your in the medicine man. It makes it easier for you to accept the toxic 'medicine' he offers. You are trapped. He will probably prescribe another drug or two which will interact adversely with the ones you are already taking to ensure you do not jump off his slaughter board but keep coming back to him.

'over time' or 'long term'

The use of the phrase 'over time' holds one of the secrets to the never ceasing illnesses that will, over time, cripple and maim you until you die well before it is time for you to go.

Until your untimely death the disabling medical problems you develop will help boost the NZ health service to such a staggering level, that the only solution for the government will be to sell it.

There is no escaping a G.P.'s diagnoses. He can keep pushing his dope onto you and get paid by the pharmaceutical companys, free holidays, plus his fee from you,

Diagnosed in secret

Your G.P. may have diagnosed you with type 2 diabetes without telling you, as mine did. It was not until 5 years after he secretly diagnosed diabetes that he informed me I had diabetes. At the consultation he took an Accu chek test stood back and exclaimed, “you have diabetes, you could have a heart attack or stroke with your high cholesterol, and high glucose”! (11.3mmols/L)

By this time I had been on metformin for over a year as well as lipex and Glibenclamide.

Before metformin I believed my problem was over weight. My doctor had clearly waited until the lipex and/or metformin had increased my Hba1c glucose from between 7-8 to over 12 + mmols/L. Over the next 3 years it went beyond 12mmol/L. He never informed me of this either. It is wise to obtain copies of your blood test results and learn to understand at least some of them.

BMI (body mass index)

This measurement is highly questionable. Most of the Super Rugby players are obese according to their BMI. However, I was over weight in 1999.

Doctor indifference

A few years ago at a consultation my doctor asked how my sugar was, “It was 3 this morning” I said. “A bit low” he replied. “I've been down to 2 at times.” I added. He did not say anything, just kept on typing. I mentioned this episode to another health professional in 2011. “what! Does he want to kill you?” was the response. This was in 2006 or 2007.

The reason for the lows, was I believe now, because there is no way that anyone can predict a sugar level if you are on drugs. It is known that metformin can disguise a true reading level. It can read high when it is low. You can be in a state of hypoglycemia for long periods and not recognise it. It is far better to be 'high' 9-10mmols/L “sugar out of control”, than the ridiculous “good control” of 4-6mmols/L.

15 months after stopping the toxic anti diabetic drugs, I realised that I was in hypoglycemia for long periods over about 7 years – 2004 to 2011. This had the effect of producing all the adverse effects as mentioned. Including retinal Retinopathy, confusion and loss of concentration.

Doctors play down serious effects

Here is another instance of medical professionals playing down the symptoms of 'confusion and 'loss of concentration', I believe that it was the lack of sugar getting to my brain and if I had continued to please the medical professionals by striving to get my glucose down, my end would have been dreadful indeed.

I shudder at the thought that if I had not stopped the metformin, Glibenclamide, lipex, and Nicotinic acid, I would not be here today. But if I was, I could be blind by now, and almost certainly suffering from Alzheimer's or Dementia. And all would be blamed on Type 2 Diabetes. It would have been my own fault-'poor glucose control or 'glucose out of control'.

Financial support for Residential Care soon to be removed

Because of the adverse effects from medication many elderly will end up in care because of their inability to cope at home. Their admittance will be recorded as diabetes complications. Right now there are many elderly in residential care who would not be there if it were not for pharmaceutical drugs being so eagerly handed out by NZ medical professionals. The situation will escalate out of control over the next 10 years.

Government awareness

The government knows what is to take place and is already preparing. Soon there will be a change of legislation to give the government power to force the sale of a patient's home to assist with the cost of their care.

"A word to you who have great possessions. Weep and wail over the miserable fate descending on you.

Your riches have rotted; your fine clothes are moth-eaten, your silver and gold have rusted away, and their very rust will be evidence against you and consume your flesh like fire.

You have piled up wealth in an age that is near its close. The wages you never paid to the men who mowed your fields are loud against you, and the outcry of the reapers have reached the ears of the Lord of Hosts.

You have lived on earth in wanton luxury, fattening yourselves like cattle - the day for slaughter has come. You have condemned the innocent and murdered him; he offers no resistance." James 5:1-6 New English Bible.