27 October 2013

No blame is associated with the toxic pharmaceutical medications. Your death will be certified as liver disease, kidney failure or whatever it was that actually killed you.

Only a tiny fraction of adverse drug reactions are ever recorded in a patient’s Medical History, about 1-2 percent. And if questioned by the Health and Disability Commissioner, a NZ G.P will deny that drugs caused any problem – at least that is what my doctor of 12 years did. His omission to enter the adverse effects in my medical history is an act of treachery and betrayal almost beyond belief.


Today, betrayal of a patient’s human rights is accepted as normal by NZ G.P’s and by the Health and Disability Commissioner in New Zealand.

The method of disposing of the elderly with medication is one of clever deception. All part of the Antichrist system Hitler began using several years before the Second World War even began.

Just as the Germanic system regarded non working elderly and disabled persons as a burden on the State, so also does our system. For instance have you noticed how difficult it is to obtain meaningful and necessary financial assistance from Work and Income NZ? Or, even to get your doctor to recommend that assistance?

Work hand in hand

NZ G.P’s and the Health and Disability Commissioner’s Office work hand in hand to cover up the misleading information entered in a GP's consultation notes to ensure no charges are ever laid against a G.P - Unless there is irrevocable evidence.

This type of corruption is rampant within the NZ medical profession. No wonder thousands of elderly New Zealanders have died over recent years well before before their allotted time.

They are crying out for vengeance from their graves right at this moment, but will have to wait until a time appointed to understand that justice, which is reserved for those involved in their killing, will be served.

In early 2012 I visited another doctor in Foxton

He would not see me unless I signed a form asking Dr Geard to send my medical file to him. Both doctors knew each other well.

I wrote to this doctor saying I would not take drugs associated with diabetes because of their toxic effects.

He took my blood pressure (190/80). I did not believe him. For months my blood pressure was around 140-160/70. These tests were done with a home testing kit every day and some with a community nurse.

Blood pressure drugs

He wanted to give me a blood pressure lowering pill, I refused. He also wanted to give me a cholesterol lowering drug and other diabetic drugs. I also refused these. He said“it was a waste of time coming to see me as you are refusing treatment” He made it clear he did not want me to come back.

Depraved indifference

His answer told me that he too, like my first doctor, possessed a depraved indifference to my health. And that he could not care less if I died through drug toxicity, just like my first doctor. I asked for my medical files which I collected the next day. Again I was shocked to see that he had lied in his consultation notes by saying:

'Discussed possibility of referral to Massey psychology'. Nothing was mentioned about psychology or a referral but the message is clear.


Question my medical professionalism and I will have you certified as a mental case and locked up'.

The Foxton G.P's lie is no less than intimidation. His fabrication may well have far reaching consequences upon my future well being. His clinic should be shut down...About three months ago, Dr Nelson Nagoor's Clinic was closed.

Don't take his anti diabetic pills!

The four drugs mentioned above and taken together are toxic and may be deadly to you. Your G.P. may prescribe them at the time he diagnosed you with diabetes or introduce each one separately over the following months or years.

No need for drugs

A blood pressure lowering drug will often be prescribed when there is no need. The same with a Statin. In other words you could be given drugs which have the basis for causing many bad side effects and life threatening conditions such as heart attack, kidney and liver disease, Alzheimer, retinal Retinopathy (eye damage) and many other serious conditions.

Keep in mind

Adverse effects resulting from these drugs occur whether you have 'good' or 'poor' control of your sugar levels.