27 October 2013

I was shocked to learn that my G.P, David John Geard of the Victoria Medical Centre, Palmerston North, had lied and entered misleading statements in his consultation notes in regard to my health. I discovered this after I requested my files from him on the 23 February 2011.

I came to the conclusion that his intention was to do me harm and that if death had occurred it would have been my own fault.

How dare you request travel allowance as a treatment for your chronically ill wife!!'

Over the twelve years, my G.P. never once informed me of possible side effect, adverse effects, or more importantly the interactions which could occur between the numerous drugs. My trust in him as a medical professional was absolute. This faith was sadly misplaced. It had caused much distress and even brought me within a whisker of sudden death on at least 2 occasions.

However, it is all very well for me to believe his intention was to cause me harm, it is another matter to prove it. I would need to provide evidence. At first it was a nightmare as my brains had become 'scrambled' due to long term medication.

My concentration was in decline and confusion was often present but I was unaware how bad my mind had become infected. I had only suspected the medication of Glibenclamide, Metformin, and Lipex could be responsible. I had been taking these for at least 6 - 12 years. I ceased taking all medication including multivite 6 Healtheries on 02 March 2011.

In march 2011, I started to investigate the false misinformation my doctor had entered in his 60 recorded consultations – from 1999 to 2011. This was no easy task. Four and a half months after I had ceased the medications a window opened for about 30 minutes while at my computer. I realised my writing quality had returned. That is, I had not deleted, altered or interrupted the flow of writing by stopping and going to some other subject. I was overjoyed. Unfortunately, the clarity did not last.

After this experience I was able to discern when my mind was becoming scrambled and would stop and rest the brain for periods of up to 24 hours. I understood what the side effects of “loss of concentration” and “confusion” from the medications really meant. I also believe that if I had continued to take the medications I would end up with Alzheimer, followed by an early death.

It is now just over 15 months since I have been off those so called medications. My overall health is improving slowly but surely.

Being a Work and Income NZ doctor, his obligation was to satisfy WINZ that he was doing his best to keep my wife's considerable Disability Allowable costs down. Especially those travel allowances the Social Security Appeal Authority awarded for several activities as a treatment for her illness of Residual Schizophrenia (no motivation and loss of her independent function. (Decision No.33/98. Reference No. SSA 59/97)

I have spent 15 years trying to keep these activities and allowances, as they were ruled to be medical treatment for her illness. WINZ is constantly attempting to dismantle them.

They have a difficult time as I stand between them and Sheryl. Sheryl has received hundreds of letters from WINZ but has never opened one let alone read any. Sheryl's Special Benefit started at around $50 in 1997, increasing gradually over the years to $300 a week in 2008. About $150 a week was for our mortgage payments.

The court ruling has hamstrung both the doctor and WINZ. A better way for WINZ to succeed in their efforts would be to get rid of me via medication. Then they could cancel all Sheryl's travel allowances as she would be incapable of doing anything about it.