27 October 2013

Every New Zealander 50 and over is in grave danger of being placed on their doctor's slaughter board in a real effort to 'roll back' their estimated age of death. If you have been sucked into the scam of type 2 diabetes and believe you are on the Government approved 'selected for slaughter list', act now and jump off!

The reason why my G.P. did not record the adverse effects I suffered enabled him to report to the drug company and to the NZ Health and Disability Commissioner that There was no evidence medication caused any adverse effects.

Hence, the drugs were cleared of playing any part in my deteriorating health, including damaged eyes which required laser treatment.

If I had died at any time over the 12 years of my association with him, no blame or contributing factor would be attributed to him or his toxic drugs.

No blame

In other words if you die prematurely no blame is associated with pharmaceutical medications. Your death will certified as 'Diabetes-liver disease' or whatever it was that actually killed you.


Omitting to enter the adverse effects in my medical history is an act of treachery and betrayal; almost beyond belief.

It is apparent in 2012, that Pharmaceutical drug manufacturers, and those associated with their distribution to the innocent peoples of the world, are working for the New Word Order whether they know it or not.

Global power

However, some extremely wealthy individual’s will already possess knowledge of their role within the NWO’s global economic power.

In the days to come this political authority will impact every financial institution upon the earth. Look out world!!

Human rights denied

Today, betrayal of a patient's human rights is accepted as normal by NZ G.P's. This method of disposing of the elderly is an integral part of the Antichrist system. Hitler began using this method for several years before the Second World War even started.

Doctors work together

NZ G.P's work hand in hand to cover up the true cause of a patients health by omitting facts relating to his unwellness.

Fabrication and misleading comments seem to be a normal part of a day's work while writing up a patients medical history. Corruption is rampant within the medical profession.

It follows

NZ Health Boards are a party to this evil system which Germany's Christian population allowed Hitler to establish in the 1930's.

There will be no turning back.

When the New World Order finally comes into full prominence, we, the ordinary citizens of the world will suffer horrendously. Many will be imprisoned. Many millions will be murdered by this new regime in order to keep their power and control over all mankind and its unbelievable wealth.

Swear allegiance or die

Those who swear allegiance to this person who becomes the leader of the New World Order, will receive a Mark or sign on their foreheads. Probably done by some form of laser which will destroy a person's conscience. He will even murder and think nothing of it.

Mark of the beast

Sometimes I think the Mark has already been placed or inserted in the minds of prominent people, including G.P's. This could explain why nothing has been done about the 40% of elderly who die in NZ every year because of the toxic effects of pharmaceutical medication.

NZ's medical services are expanding

Due in no small part to the scam of type 2 diabetes. The 40% will quickly become 60%.

The money saved through the early demise of thousands of elderly New Zealanders is ear marked for: