27 October 2013
To convince a patient that that he could contract a particular illness when there is no evidence demonstrates the topsy-turvy, even criminal attitude of doctors taking their lead from pharmaceutical companys. At the least it's unethical. At worst it's self serving and clearly medical molestation.

The situation has gotten out of hand, especially since there's a mountain of evidence supporting the use of alternatives, and there's very strong evidence that some "alternative" treatments, such as diet and exercise, are FAR more effective, not to mention safer, than any of the drugs currently in use. My site is chock full of free comprehensive recommendations that can serve as an excellent starting point to break free from this fatally flawed paradigm. The tools I provide on this site will help you to reduce your reliance on the broken health care system, including its overuse of drugs, and provide you with the tools and resources to Take Control of Your Health.

Source – Dr Mercola 22 August 2012

''Up you Jack, I'm alright'' attitude

There is much evidence indicating why the medical world has been keeping silent and secretive. It ignores and plays down the toxicity in diabetes medication, and almost ever other pharmaceutical drug. Which also suggests that your good health means little or nothing to your doctor.

He is aware that the financial return from your visits, plus a 30% payment of the cost of each drug he prescribes, free holidays and travel expenses paid by drug companies, will just about cease if millions around the Globe became truly aware to the danger of these toxic drugs.

''Give him drugs and leave him to it, and if he gets ill, our hospitals can do with more customers anyway. And over time, a supportive Government and our mates in the funeral business will reap the end line benefits''.
At the NZ Medical Services corrupt heart is greed for more money and what better way than prescribe pharmaceutical drugs to every man, woman and child in the country.
At the moment the pendulum swings in favour of both the Medical Services and Drug Companies.
it's a case of ''the less patients know the better for us doctors''.