03 November 2013

Unrelenting thirst

Always drinking something


No sugar-no energy


No sugar-no strength

Not high sugar, but low sugar which is a major sign of diabetes

It is just the opposite to that which is loudly proclaimed by medical professionals today.

Low sugar levels will keep you in the hospital system for the remainder of your now rolled back life expectancy. All part of the global scam. And GP's are loving it.


Diabetics often suffer from bacterial infections because lack of sugar suppresses the immune system leaving it unable to fight the bacteria that multiply in the absence of glucose.


Attitude of mind-can't be bothered.

There are more but these are the main symptoms which should be present before Diabetes can be diagnosed.

Some of the other lesser known are

kidney damage

Abdominal pain

If you have these symptoms, the chances are that you have full blown Diabetes Mellitus

Medical Practitioners doctrine

You don't need symptoms of diabetes to have Type 2 Diabetes.

Clearly the reason for promoting the 'no symptoms' doctrine is to convince the elderly into believing they have Type 2 Diabetes or Insulin Resistance to justify prescribing Anti Diabetic medication.


Insulin's job is to supply glucose or energy to ALL your 640-850 muscles.

Insulin does not reduce your blood sugar.

Diet and 'exercise' – do this.

Insulin moves the exact amount of sugar to be replaced throughout your body so that your optimal blood sugar level is maintained, enabling you to perform your daily activities comfortably.

More exercise – less blood sugar

The more muscles you use as you go about your daily life, the more sugar insulin will move to those muscles to replenish the energy you are constantly using.

The process is operating 24/7

Some of the sugar left over is moved to your bladder for disposal and some is converted into fat where it is placed in other areas of your body. Less food and a little exercise is the method used to reduce stored fat and blood sugar.

The harder and longer the muscles are working during the day the more stored fat will be burnt up and blood sugar levels reduced.

Less food

To ensure fat is not replaced, a reduction of our food intake may be necessary. Exercise alone will usually not reduce weight permanently.