10 November 2013

Superannuates are having their lives shortened by Doctors prescribing toxic drugs on the pretext that they have suddenly contracted Type 2 Diabetes. Those selected can be anywhere between 50 to 100 years old.

The selection criteria is based firstly on age, then blood sugar levels, There are several other factors in their personal lives which may be taken into account. But like everything about the Type 2 Diabetes hoax, these factors are kept under wraps as far as possible.

In 2012, Dr D.J. Geard, stated he diagnosed me with Diabetes Mellitus on a Triglyceride blood test result done on 06 December 1999. Triglyceride's (fatty lumps under the skin of the body's extremities) are found in the LIPID group of blood tests they read:-

'Triglyceride: 4.5mmols/L range = 0.6 – 2.8'

I can recall Dr Geard's nurse examining my feet 5 or 6 years ago. At the time I did not know why she was making such a meticulous examination. Her comment was, 'your feet are the best I have seen.' Meaning there was no sign of any 'fatty lumps'-another name for Triglyceride's-which are usually caused by too much fatty meat in the diet.

My 'elevated' Triglyceride's in 1999 was kept secret until 2013 after Dr David John Geard of the Victorian Medical Centre, in Palmerston North, NZ, provided the Commissioner of the Health and Disabilities Office, with this information in 2012.

It has since come to my notice that elevated Triglycerides cannot be used to confirm Diabetes! This supports my claim that Dr Geard's intention was to cause me harm via medication.

I'm sure there are other blood tests based on unreliable clinical trials which NZ doctors diagnose diabetes. All a part of the scam. Greed is the motivating factor for these criminals of medicine.

Every New Zealander 50 and over is in grave danger of being placed on their doctor's 'slaughter board' by being diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus without any medical evidence of Diabetes.

It is a determined effort by NZ Government Authorities to 'roll back' the life span of thousands of elderly New Zealanders by using pharmaceutical medication.

After nearly three years of careful study of all the evidence and information available, it is my belief that:-

Around 2006 or 2007, in the New World Supermarket, Foxton NZ, an elderly lady and I were discussing diabetes pharmaceutical medication. She suddenly looked down at me and said, with a measure of anger, 'Get off the medication, all you need is Omega 3!'. This website is all about these nine words. If I had taken this blessed lady's words to heart, I would not have needed to suffer at the hands of a dangerous Psychopath over many years.

My dear wife suffered as a consequence to Doctor Geard's depraved indifference to my suffering and declining health by the toxic medication he prescribed for my non existent Diabetes Mellitus.

My request to the the Lord is that Dr Geard, because of his betrayal of my trust in him, suffers the same fate he intended for myself.

Theo Baker, Commissioner of the NZ Health and Disabilities Office, has written a biased, factually inaccurate and dishonest assessment.

My request to the Lord -

For her betrayal of my trust, and the trust of other elderly New Zealanders, she develops Osteoporosis and other serious medical conditions.

Tasman Fish Supply, Foxton

My request to the Lord – 14 December 2013

That this establishment be closed down for the betrayal of trust upon a mentally disabled and chronically ill lady of 68 years who suffered at the hands of the owner by being sold fish of poor quality and of dubious type.


Everything on this website is derived from my medical records, my personal experience with prescription drugs, especially Diabetes drugs, and talking with others who have had similar experiences as the writer. I am not a qualified medical professional. I have no legal qualifications. Everything is written from a humanitarian position. Therefore I accept no responsibility for any action a reader may take in regard to those things recorded on this website.